Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fwd: You're invited to PRO ART CONCERT BY SANJA STEFANOVIC (4 Mar 2015)

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Subject: You're invited to PRO ART CONCERT BY  SANJA STEFANOVIC (4 Mar 2015)


Hello IONELA ,
You are invited to the following event:


Event to be held at the following time, date and location:

Wednesday, 4 March 2015 from 19:30 to 22:00 (GMT)

Embassy Of The Republic Of Serbia
28 Belgrave Square
SW1X 8QB London
United Kingdom

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Programme Franz Schubert (1798-1828): Sonata D960, B flat major Frederic Chopin(1810-1849):Piano Concerto F minor, 2d Mov., the concert version for one piano only (by Jan Ekier) Peter Fecuhtwanger(1939*): Tariqa I - Study Nr. 4 in Eastern Idiom Marko Tajcevic(1900-1984): Seven Dances from Balkans, Nr. 2, on the song 'U Milice duge trepavice' Sanja Stefanovic studied in Odessa`s State...

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We hope you can make it!

Pro Art and Co


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Invitation - EESC conference on long-term unemployment - 11.3.2015 - Zagreb, Croatia

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Date: 20 February 2015 11:10:48 GMT
Subject: Invitation - EESC conference on long-term unemployment - 11.3.2015 - Zagreb, Croatia

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Version française ci-dessous
Hrvatska verzija u nastavku
Labour Market Observatory
Taking action on long-term unemployment: national and European perspectives
The European Economic and Social Committee invites you to attend its conference on "Taking action on long-term unemployment: national and European perspectives", taking place in Zagreb on the 11 March 2015.
This event will look into what good practices are already in place and what further measures will be necessary to tackle long-term unemployment and provide opportunities for those most at risk of social exclusion.
The presentations and discussions will focus on the situation at both national and EU level. In addition to the Croatian Minister for Labour and the Pension System, Mirando Mrsić, the conference will feature speakers representing the Croatian parliament, the European Commission, Eurofound, the University of Exeter's Marchmont Observatory (UK), the Croatian Employment Service, social partners and civil society.
N.B.: The European Economic and Social Committee does not cover participants' travel and subsistence costs.
Do you wish to participate?
Please register before 9 March and join us!
Zagreb, Croatia (venue to be confirmed)

Observatoire du Marché du travail
Agir sur le chômage de longue durée: perspectives nationales et européennes
Envie de participer?
Inscrivez-vous avant le 9 mars et rejoignez-nous!
Le Comité économique et social européen a le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence intitulée «Agir sur le chômage de longue durée: perspectives nationales et européennes», qu'il organise à Zagreb le 11 mars 2015.
Cette conférence de l'OMT se penchera sur les bonnes pratiques existantes et d'autres mesures nécessaires pour lutter contre le chômage à long terme et offrir des possibilités pour les personnes les plus à risque d'exclusion sociale. L'événement aura lieu en Croatie, pays qui fait face à des défis majeurs en ce qui concerne le chômage de longue durée, en particulier des jeunes.
Les présentations et les débats porteront à la fois sur la situation au plan national et au niveau de l'UE. En plus du Ministre du Travail et du Système de Pension Mirando Mrsić, les orateurs représenteront le Parlement croate, la Commission européenne, Eurofound, l'Observatoire Marchmont de l'Université d'Exeter (Royaume-Uni), le Service croate de l'emploi, les partenaires sociaux et la société civile.
N.B.: Le CESE ne couvre pas les frais de voyage et de séjour des participants.
Zagreb, Croatie (Lieu à confirmer)

Konferencija Promatračke skupine za tržište rada
Kako riješiti problem dugotrajne nezaposlenosti: nacionalne i europske perspektive
Europski gospodarski i socijalni odbor poziva Vas na svoju konferenciju „Kako riješiti problem dugotrajne nezaposlenosti: nacionalne i europske perspektive" koja će se održati u Zagrebu dana 11.ožujka 2015. 
Na ovom događaju razmotrit će se dobre prakse koje su već u upotrebi i istražiti koje će daljnje mjere biti potrebne za rješavanje pitanja dugotrajne nezaposlenosti i pružanje mogućnosti skupinama najizloženijim riziku od socijalne isključenosti.
Prezentacije i rasprave bit će usmjerene na situaciju na nacionalnoj razini i na razini EU-a. Osim hrvatskog ministra rada i mirovinskoga sustava, Miranda Mrsića, na konferenciji će govoriti predstavnici Hrvatskog sabora, Europske komisije, Eurofounda, Opservatorija Marchmont Sveučilišta u Exeteru (UK), Hrvatskog zavoda za zapošljavanje, socijalnih partnera i civilnog društva.
Napomena: EGSO ne nadoknađuje sudionicima troškove putovnja i boravka. 
Želite li sudjelovati?
Registrirajte se prije 9. ožujka i pridružite nam se! 
Zagreb, Hrvatska (Mjesto održavanja još nije potvrđeno)
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Young Romanian Musicians in London and Guests - Enescu Concerts Season | Thu 5 March, 7pm

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Subject: Young Romanian Musicians in London and Guests - Enescu Concerts Season | Thu 5 March, 7pm
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Young Romanian Musicians in London and Guests - Enescu Concerts Season | Thu 5 March, 7pm
Youth & energy in the Enescu Concerts
Concert organised under the patronage of HE Dr Ion Jinga, the Ambassador of Romania to the Court of St James's on the occasion of International Women's Day
Enescu Concerts Season, March Concert

Young Romanian Musicians in London and Guests

ICR London, Thursday, 5 March, 7pm

The youthful ensemble, featuring the finest Romanian students at the most prestigious London schools and their equally talented peers is made of: Ioana Forna – violin, Maria Gîlicel – violin, George Paşca – cello, Alexandru Lazăr – piano, Francis Gallagher – viola, Lisa Bucknell – viola, Jamie Kenny – doublebass.

The evening's special guest is the young pianist Szőcs Botond of the Braşov Music Faculty, hailed as a "revelation" by musical pundits, who will present works by  Chopin and Enescu. His appearance is supported by the Romanian Arts and Folklore Association.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - "String Quintet" No.4 in G minor, K.516

George Enescu - "Aria and Scherzino"

Mini pinao recital by Szőcs Botond featuring works by Frederic Chopin and George Enescu

Gustav Mahler - "Piano Quartet" in A minor

Drinks reception during the interval


Free. Seats allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Romanian Cultural Institute logoEnescu Society logo

Romanian Cultural Institute
1 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X8PH
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The point of no return

The point of no return 
By Ionela  FLOOD 

The point of no return was cave man seeing the sunshine over the glacier sharp summit for the first time. 

Point of no return said Sisiphus carrying the stone up to the hill just to see all dreams calling down the valey streams 

A Happy Valentine to all unloved darlings just to get to the point of no return  Remembering to you no man is more loved then you ! Because of me 
and by me! 

The point of no retur for humanity is watching with true eyes wars of mutilations and sleeping consciences. 

The point of no return when you find yourself lost in the labirint of others expectations, living just in hope of tomorrow. 

The point of no return is to learn the lessons of today and make it work for you going around towards your fate in spiral circles to the sun.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

UNISON National Women Conference 12-14 February, Southport

UNISON National Women Conference 12-14 February 2015- Southport -day 3

The conference debated today and vote on motions 20-34. The speakers focused on:
• women and politics involvement
•reading the political landscape at national an European level
•stand against any political trend that is attacking women and the vulnerable on the society
• enabling women to be powerful source in the society for positive change and social justice.

Ionela Flood
Women equality officer
UNISON Housing Association

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UNISON National Women Conference 12-14 February 2015- Southpot -day 1

The Conference meet and greet the delegates from all regions of UK in a warm and proactive ethos of women activism for a fairer society. The Conference also debate and vote motions1-7.

The Regional meetings focused on the Housing issues:

• private housing versus council housing and the impact on vulnerable people being pushed out of London
•the parity of the 2 type of housing to be implemented equaly and the conseqvences on the social housing and care sector
•the impact of cuts and austerity measures on every day life .

Yvette Cooper , MP was addressing the conference fighting the gender equality focusing her speech on :
• the cost of living crisis that affect the families
•the inequality on pay for women still an issue
• the prices rising faster the wages constantly generating a pay gap never seen in the last 40 years
•plea to women to register for vote to be able to change the decrease on tax credits and child care support
• gender discrimination raising to 91% since introduction of employment tribunal fees
• recognising and prise the union that is the voice of working people and stand strong against challenges, discrimination and negotiation of fairness in workplaces in UK.

Ionela Flood
Equality for Women
Housing Association Branch London

UNISON Național Women 's Conference 12-14 February , Southport

Day 2-text

The Conference was addressed by Lucia McKeever UNISON President that gave an inspirațional speach. 

The seminar UNISON internațional gave a perspective for the campaign against violence against women with details and case studies. 

The Conference debated  and passed  the motions 8- 19.

Dave Prentice UNISON General Secretary gave a popular speech highlighting sensible points of Unison vision  on women contribution to advance to a better future of our society:
• 30 years fight against discrimination and promote equality 
• training being core of learning and promote a positive action in practical aspects of union 
• zero tolerance for violence against women
• reality we face include zero hour contracts, cuts, austerity and we need to stand up unite against all of them
• we need to tackle inequal redistribution from poors to the rich part of societyyhst currently happen 
• the dynamic of the curent politics is not focus on economics, not in eradicate the poverty reality of austerity, not to support the young, elderly and disabled, not for building jobs , not in justice, nor against race discrimination .

Now the political powers in UK are proposing  restricțions on industrial action, on facility time , attacking the trade unions, public services and ultimately the democracy. 

We heading for election this year and the choice is our to make a chance for all this 50 shade of grey economy. 

We cannot let rasist mouvements UKIP and BNP to get rid of safety regulations , women equal rights and let the curent politics to go on and take away our jobs, our NHS, our children future. 

The UNISON campaign for 50:50 women - men representation for Parliament is what we want to see as a shift in politics and culture. 

Questions yourself for what you vote ? How you vote? 

Just make sure you go to vote as right as you can. 

The believe is that new future is possible and our Unison voice can be heard and we can see a shift in the politics.

Ionela FLOOD , Women equality Officer -UNISON
Housing Association Branch London