Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Parliament Week 2014 Youth in Democracy-20th November 2014-House of Parliament, London


 20th  November 2014

  Jubilee Room

  House of Parliament

  Westminster SW1A 0AA

  12 - 2 pm




This is a joint debate and audio/visual presentation dedicated to Youth in Democracy, organised by Pro Art & Co and the World Peace and Prosperity Foundation, at the House of Commons. It will discuss social, cultural and political aspects of young people's involvement as active citizens in local communities and wider into British society. The audience will contribute with their views on relevant issues of importance and their proactive participation may influence creation of policies and the results in election of representatives through firm and resolute voting.


Cultural democracy is a concept, which concerns all people and structures their proactive commitment to recognise all people's basic human rights to participate, create and enjoy cultural diversity around the world. It also enhances access to multicultural sphere of activities.


This free dialogue will explore what is closest to young people's hearts, their cultural individuality and their role in active cultural affairs and politics on both local and governmental levels, or their European and International presence and the impact of their involvement in diverse cultural projects.


We invite all interested young people and other citizens to join in this free event and to contribute their ideas and opinions to the debate. The event will include a short cultural programme and refreshments after the debate.


The debating panel will include:

Welcome by Grace Rowley – Parliament Week

Mr Greg Hands MP (Conservative) for Fulham and Chelsea, our host

Mr Ray Keene OBE, Chess Grandmaster and the Chairman of the Brain Trust

David Wardrop, United Nations Association Westminster Branch

Bashan Rafique, Chairman of UK-Pakistan Women's Association

Leisha Beardmore – Young Professional UN/EU Adviser and UK Government representative

Rosalie Rivett, CEO Women Diplomatic Service

Barry Martin, Artist and Former Vice Chairman of Chelsea Art Club



Tickets are available  through Pro Art & CO –


Vesna Petkovic
Pro Art & Co


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Study visit to Romania October 2014 - Bucharest Day 2

First day of the study visit in Romania of the delegation of NHHG offered general views of Bucharest Town Hall about the strategies used in Social Services presented  by  Cosmina Simean ,Director of Social Services Bucharest City Hall , giving to the guests a taster of the next stage of the visit: Palace of Parliament of Romania and   Sector 2 Bucharest City Hall.

The visit at Romanian Parliament confirmed once again the quality of skills of Romanian builders, contrasting with the need of balance in society development ,at the time that it  was built , remaining testimony for future generations to learn from history.

Sector 2 Bucharest City Hall was a welcoming surprise of the team of the Mayor Neculai Ontanu, offering a dynamic debate about social housing models in both countries. All the participants agreed to cooperate in the future and share experiences and understanding for future development . The debate was facilitated with generosity by Director of International Relationships, Mariana Georgescu and her colleagues .

The visits to the Leisure Centre  St Pantelimon,  was by far a success story of good management and fundraising, offering free access to the residents of the sector to a structured choice of activities, for all ages, being presented with professionalism  by Dr Isabela Hurjui, Director of Social Services Sector2. 

Kate Davies the Chief Executive at NHHG was touched by the progress and quality of services offered by local authority  to Bucharest residents, comparing with her last visit in Romania a decade ago.

To add a traditional  element to the tour  we agree to have lunch at  Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum in Bucharest  . The guests understand  that  they need to have at least a day to visit all 300 houses of the museum, encapsulating the history of Romanian traditional architecture.

A friendly dinner with Ioan de Hondol from Romanian Leagues of Expats concluded a rich learning and cultural experience in Bucharest.

Dr Ionela Flood
Romanca Society

Monday, 3 November 2014

Fwd: Study visit to Romania October 2014 - Bucharest Day1

Recently  NHHG visited Romania,  answering to an invite from Slatina Town Hall launched last year at The Romanian Tradition in Motion Festival organised by Romanca Society in London.
The delegation members are part of the Executive Board and staff at NHHG aiming to learn about housing, health and education, local authority, central government, integration into Europe, social challenges, and issues for Romanians in the UK.
The programme of the visit included social housing  objectives in  Bucharest being introdused by the Bucharest Director of Social Services, Cosmina Simean presenting the Kindergarden Alex and the Caritas Hospital transformed in a extracare unit called Acad. Nicolae Cajal.
Learning of the day included:
> how the social care in Romania  is piloting for first time social entreprise in Bucharest
> what is the impact of the legislation for the third sector on private and local authority initiatives, what possible improvements can be useful for the community development
>how a more progresive model of third sector can promote succesful social care and social housing initiatives in Romania 
>how the UK model for social care and housing it is beneficial to local authority and third sector in UK
>the progess that Bucharest City Hall is presenting to the eyes of the guests, is evidenced by Kate Davies, NHHG Chief Executive , that visited Romania 14 years ago
 >how old town of Bucharest  known as Lipscani area is regenerating by a divers SME initiatives offering  new refurbished restaurants and pubs, colouring the cultural life of the town.
>how the cultural shock was well processed by the members of the delegation, absorbing  the details of the visit, opening new perspectives for the perception of Romania's place in Europe
After a short visit to the Curtea Veche, Vlad the Impaler, alias Dracula, old palace,  established in 14 century as  Romanian capital  Bucharest ,  we indulge in a warming dinner at Carul cu bere restaurant.
 We enjoyed the first day of the visit, curtesy of Bucharest  Mayor, Sorin Oprescu , being welcomed by a young but professional team from Bucharest Town Hall.
The cross cultural experience is always offering so much to see on the progress of Romanian society any time I visit Romania.
This time the visit was multiplyed by the surprise of the guests discovering Romania to its core, looking into the eyes of children or elderly, looking to old crafted architecture or grey communist blocks, discussing strategic plans or just see the beauty of progress in contradictory stages.
 This time , this visit  was just  finding  the same common ground: humanity looking for solutions on daily challenges.
Dr Ionela Flood
Romanca Society